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    What does it cost to connect to the satellites?
    It does not cost you anything to use the GPS system once you have purchased a receiver.

    Can I get a position when I am inside a building?
    The GPS receiver only works when it has line of sight with the satellites (i.e.. if you can see the sky then it will work)

    Does it display the map to street level?
    Yes, the display can zoom from 1X to 128X (All of London or just Oxford St)

    Can I plan a route with it?
    No, there is no automatic route planning function. However, you can search for your desired destination and plan a route before you travel. The system will then monitor your progress and indicate any junctions or turnings you have pre-programmed in to it.

    Does it use the Handheld Battery?
    This depends on the model in question. Please view the product pages for details.

    Are the maps of just the city’s only or all of the UK & Ireland?
    The product comes with a complete mainland UK map, including Towns and Villages but does not include Ireland.

    How often do the maps get updated?
    The Maps will be updated every 6 months at a cost of £14.99 Inc Vat.

    How long does it take to show you where you are when you first turn it on?
    It take the GPS receiver about 3 minutes to show you your location and then it updates itself, as you move, every 30 seconds or so.

    How accurate is it?
    It is accurate to within 5 meters for 95% of the time.

    How big are the map files?
    The file size of the map uploaded on to the handheld will depend on the level of detail and area covered. Map files can be as large as 3Mb.

    Is the system NMEA compliant? (National Marine Electronics Association)
    Yes. The NAVMAN systems are fully compatible with both NMEA v1.2 and v2.0

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